Protection Wear

Getting the right fitting face mask is crucial for effectiveness and a SACUL face mask has a snug comfortable fit!

In 2020 we have applied our skills and expertise  through a rigorous development and testing phase to produce custom face masks. Our fabrics are carefully researched and have been selected as extremely efficient at guarding against the spread of the COVID-19. The unique tight knit structure of a Sacul face mask design traps large droplets from coughs or sneezes, minimising virus transmission.

The outer layer is a Recycled Eco Polyester/Elastane fabric which has been sewn together with an inner layer of soft, breathable Polyester/Elastane. The inner layer has been anti-bacterial treated and blocks the proliferation of bacteria.



  • Masks are stretchy and mould to the contours of your face – no gaps means better protection
  • Adjustable straps that tie up at the back making a secure fit and no annoying ear irritation or soreness
  • Extra protection internal pocket to slip in a third layer or filter
  • Quality workmanship, utilizing 6 different industrial sewing machines for the manufacturing process
  • Ergonomic Flatlock seams that have no uncomfortable lumps and bumps
  • Fun fabrics that are soft & comfortable to wear all day long
  • Very easy to wash & quick drying, for use again the next day
  • Superior facial and chin coverage that maximises the masks potential
  • Malleable nose wire piece that helps stop the fogging of glasses
  • Proudly Made in Australia


Brighten up your day knowing that you are helping to protect yourself and others.

Disclaimer: These masks are not medical grade. By purchasing this mask you accept and understand that we are not claiming that these masks are medical grade. These masks may be suitable for those that are in public and do NOT have the virus.  A mask alone will not protect you, also use hand hygiene and physical distancing. Masks must be washed every time they are taken off, or at the very least DAILY.