People often ask where I get my inspiration as a sportswear designer.

It’s simple, really. 

In the 18 years I’ve been designing sportswear, I’ve always been an extremely keen fitness advocate, which motivates me to create quality, comfortable and stylish sports clothing.

I also draw inspiration from the beautiful mountains, clean air, pristine creeks and rivers of Victoria’s High Country.  And since moving there eight years ago I’ve utilised my expertise, innovation and direction to create my unique brand of Australian SACUL sportswear.

I’m very proud of the SACUL range.  SACUL offers the latest in custom designed printed sports gear.  It’s hard-wearing but fashionable, and every garment has been fully tested by athletes to ensure a high standard of fit and durability.

So, I hope you will love my smart new SACUL range as much as I’ve enjoyed designing it. 

To date, we have SACUL road jerseys, mountain bike jerseys, bib n brace knicks, swimwear and skin suit, wind vests, head bands, XC Ski Kits, leotards and more.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page at  http://www.facebook.com/SaculTeamSportswear for updates, as we are continuously adding  more styles to the SACUL collection as the business grows.