Thanks heaps SACUL for customizing my new race kit. Fits perfectly now and looks much more pro!
Aaron Knight

Recently some colleagues and I decided to form a cycling group. We wanted to get a cycling kit made so we engaged SACUL team sportswear. We told Kerry about what we were after in regards to the look of the kit, and all of the company's logos to be incorporated into the design. After that the process was easy, Kerry organised the art work arranged the design and kept us informed of the progress of the gear. Sacul were easy to deal with throughout  the whole process and we are very happy with the finished product. I would have no hesitation in recomending SACUL sportswear to any one, they were totally professional and a pleasure to do business with.
Luke Weir.

"I handed Kerry what equated to a handful of partially shredded bike clothing which had seen better days due to crashes and hard use and she repaired it all to such a high standard I can't even remember which bits of gear were damaged when I pull them off the hangers now! Not only did she do some great repairs but also made some alterations on other items (shortened bibs, extra pockets on rear of jerseys etc.) which meant that kit that I previously didn't enjoy wearing has seen a whole new life. Thanks so much, I'll be back for sure!"
Matt Zag